More compromise leads to faster Colorado divorce proceedings

Though you may not get along with your spouse as you head toward divorce, trying to compromise on various issues may save you money and time. The emotional toll that divorce has on couples proves extreme, but distress only increases as more time is wasted dividing assets in court.

Though collaboration can prove difficult, you may want to discuss property division and expectations for outcomes before you enter the courtroom. Doing so, you can work toward a smooth, quick divorce proceeding – saving you thousands of dollars and sparing you prolonged mental anguish.

Lowering the time it takes to settle

The length of time that your divorce takes to end depends on the quantity of your assets. If you collected property or dealt with large sums of money, you may see a longer divorce proceeding to divide your assets. A judge may take great care in determining which property would belong to you or your spouse and which the judge will subject to division in Colorado.

The legnth of your divorce may shorten, however, if you and your spouse agree to specific division elements. If you know you want to keep your car collection, and your spouse wants to live in the family home, it may prove wise to write up a document explaining the division. This agreement gives the judge a head start in determining who will receive which assets.

If you and your spouse simply discuss property matters before you head to court, you may save significant time and headache deliberating over miniscule items.

Less divorce time may equal more money

While you and your spouse argue over small asset details, you may be throwing money away. Because of your inability to compromise, a judge must look into property details during discovery, dragging out the divorce process to make an educated decision about your property.

You can avoid court altogether by collaborating. Mediation, with the aid of your experienced divorce attorney, helps many couples decide where their assets will go without even utilizing expensive court procedures.

Collaboration is key when divorcing your spouse. Though you may not agree on everything, you do not want to waste your time and money by arguing about small property issues.

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