How Facebook, texts and emails affect a divorce case

Numerous divorces take place in Colorado each year. That means a lot of people spend thousands of dollars to separate from their partners. In 2018, Colorado fell into the top 10 most expensive states to divorce in. Although it may cost a lot of money, it is worth it in the long run for happiness.

The divorce process can be lengthy, but there are measures you can take to make it simpler and go by faster. One way you can make the process easier is to be smart about how you use digital technology during this time. You need to be wary about what you post on Facebook and email to friends because you never know what could come up in court against you.

Do not delete anything from Facebook

In general, you should not post anything related to your divorce on social media. However, another matter to consider is whether you should delete items that could come up against you in court. The best rule of thumb is to not delete anything already on Facebook. The other side could construe this as the destruction of evidence, and you do not have to deal with those charges. In the event that there is something truly damaging online, you will need to talk to your lawyer first to make sure it is safe.

Email and texts can serve as evidence

Colorado courts have frequently brought up text exchanges and email chains as evidence in divorce cases. The problem with this is that it can paint a negative, and sometimes inaccurate, portrait of a person. Spouses may get into heated arguments over text, and one spouse can present texts to a judge as evidence that another spouse should not get as much child custody time as she or he wants. Divorcing spouses should remember that what they say over text or email can come up again against them later in court.

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