Getting a divorce? It’s time to get legal help

Divorce is a particularly stressful experience for most people because it affects you emotionally, socially, physically and financially.

Having a support system in place early is one of the main reasons you need to consult a divorce attorney as early as possible — ideally, as soon as you’ve made your decision.

Here are the main ways that a divorce attorney can help you through the process ahead:

An attorney can help you identify the key areas of contention

Most divorces have at least a few areas of contention between the spouses — whether those get resolved without a court battle or not. Your attorney can help you identify the most likely issues that are going to come up in your case, including things like the complex division of property (including retirement accounts), spousal support and child custody.

An attorney can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your position

You probably have a few major questions about what lies ahead, including:

  • What type of custody or visitation with the children will you receive?
  • What type of financial support could you be entitled to while you get back on your feet?
  • What factors influence how much spousal and child support is awarded when those are appropriate?
  • Are you required to move out of the family home while the divorce is pending?
  • How do you divide up material possessions, like furniture, electronics and the car?

There’s no one answer to any question because each case is unique — but your attorney will likely have some idea of what you can expect.

When you divorce, it’s hard to separate your emotions from the practical concerns — but that’s what your attorney can do. For more information on what our firm can do to help you throughout your divorce, contact our office directly or continue browsing our site.

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