Finding help to keep your children safe from violent situations

Most Colorado parents can relate to wanting what is best for their children. In some situations, particularly those involving physical danger, court intervention may be necessary to help keep your children safe. Domestic violence continues to plague many families, and a concerned parent often feels helpless as to where to turn for support.

In many violent situations, a civil protection order can help keep children and/or an adult safe by prohibiting an abuser from being able to visit, text or have contact of any kind. In some circumstances, it may be possible to obtain a temporary restraining order from the court within hours after seeking help from a family law attorney. An experienced attorney understands that child safety is paramount in such cases, and is often able to expedite the process of gaining court-supported protection.

At The Law Center P.C., a former law enforcement officer who now works as a family law attorney is available to help parents get immediate protection when they believe their children are in danger of being physically harmed by an immediate family member or other close association. This law office is committed to protecting domestic violence victims from further abuse. By requesting a consultation, a person in need of assistance can take the first steps toward a safe resolution to an existing problem.

If you have been harmed by domestic violence or are seeking some way to keep your children safe, you can gain support by enlisting the help of an experienced attorney who has successfully addressed similar situations for others. The Law Center P.C. in Colorado is dedicated to protecting the safety and well-being of our clients. You can be assured of compassionate and diligent service to help your family move forward toward a safe and stable future.

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