Dishonorably discharged Marine in ongoing child support battle

A man outside Colorado, who once served this nation as a Marine, now faces a contentious situation involving his former wife and their two children. Those children are adults now, but the ongoing battle pertains to child support the man supposedly never paid. The woman sought the court’s intervention when her grown son located his father, who had been missing for more than 30 years.

When the former married couple separated long ago, the father of two reportedly agreed to pay $160 a month in child support. The agreement stipulated that his former wife not remarry or cohabit with another man for at least 18 months. Shortly after the agreement was signed, however, the children’s father vanished.

Marine superiors listed him as being away without leave. Years went by with no one hearing from him. In 1996, the Marines issued a dishonorable discharge against him. The man’s former wife remarried in 1979. When their son was 42 years old, he conducted a search for his father and located him without much effort.

Since then, the mother and father have been in and out of court, battling over the unpaid child support that accrued over more than three decades. A state Supreme Court outside Colorado recently remanded the case to trial court for further action. The issue at hand is whether there can be a statute of limitations regarding the span of time that has passed before the mother requested court assistance regarding the child support. Such issues are often complicated and best addressed through skilled and experienced legal guidance.

Source:, “Missing Marine Can’t Dodge Child Support”, Jeff D. Gorman, Oct. 4, 2016

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