Calls for congressman to resign over domestic violence allegation

There has been a renewed effort to ensure that abuse and violence against women and other victims is no longer a secret matter. As a result, victims have been emboldened to speak publicly on serious issues such as domestic violence and other harmful behaviors. There may be many Colorado residents who have been victims of abuse and are unsure of how to protect themselves or their children from this frightening behavior.

Recently, a judge determined that the wife of one public official had been a victim of cyber harassment and stalking behaviors. The woman was granted an order of protection from her husband who currently serves as a congressman. Once the allegations became public with the issuance of the order, there have been several calls for the husband to resign from public office.

The judge said that, while the emails did not rise to the level of threats, they did constitute harassment, and therefore, he felt that a 12-month protection order was warranted. The wife claims that she dealt with the fear of violence and emotional abuse from her husband for approximately a year before the court determined that she and her children were in need of legal protection from the congressman. She has further stated that her husband’s position as a North Carolina congressman prevented officials from taking action on her previous allegations.

Representative Cody Henson’s lawyer stated that Henson wishes to focus on his children and his duties as an elected official. It is unclear whether he will eventually resign due to these serious allegations. Colorado residents who also live in fear for their safety due to domestic violence may seek the assistance of an experienced attorney who can help ensure that all legal means of protection are provided to those who need them.

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