3 simple guidelines when negotiating child custody

The end of a marriage is an emotional ordeal. It is often worse for children when the parents are in a constant battle against one another. Colorado parents who fear becoming entrenched in a bitter child custody dispute may benefit from keeping three simple guidelines in mind.

If part of the divorce process requires parents to meet with a neutral third party, they may do better if they refrain from sharing their views on the shortcomings of their former spouse. While no parent is perfect, the one who sees their flaws most clearly is usually the individual who has difficult self-evaluating. Unless a parent is suspected of abusive behavior, then it is pointless to try to influence opinions on the character of the other parent.

A second point to keep in mind is to refrain from imposing harsh rules regarding how the other parent interacts with the children. This will often work to make the lives of both parents more difficult and may have the unintended consequences of allowing a child to use those rules against one or both parents. Lastly, the key point to keep in the forefront of any negotiations is that the best interests of the children come first.

If parents find themselves in a stalemate with the former spouse over child custody, it may be helpful to consider how they may have felt or would have reacted had they endured the same issue when they were children. Reflecting on their own experience may help parents overcome the desire to win and instead, place their child’s need for relationships with both parents first. While each situation is unique and presents its own challenges, Colorado parents may wish to consult with an experienced attorney who can help them find the best solutions for their particular family’s needs.

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