Building your divorce Dream Team

The process of moving through divorce is filled with a seemingly endless list of tasks that must be accomplished and choices that must be made. In order to reach the best possible settlement, Colorado spouses must make the choices that suit their needs and goals. This can more difficult than it sounds, and most spouses will benefit from having a team of professionals in place to help guide the overall divorce process.

Building one’s divorce team begins with selecting an attorney to handle the legal aspects of the end of the marriage. It is important to choose an attorney who shares one’s overall approach to divorce. For example, spouses who want to pursue a collaborative divorce would be a poor fit for an attorney who is known for his or her hard-line negotiating tactics and penchant for litigation.

Next, most spouses could benefit from working with a financial advisor to decide which assets to pursue within the divorce process. An advisor who specializes in divorce can provide a breakdown of the pros and cons associated with each major financial matter within the divorce process. He or she can also assist in structuring a post-divorce budget and investment strategy. While working with an advisor will add an additional expense during divorce, the benefits are likely to far outweigh the cost.

Finally, Colorado spouses should consider including a therapist within their divorce team. Having access to a neutral sounding board can be invaluable during a divorce. In addition, short-term counseling can help spouses learn stress-reduction techniques that will serve them well during this timeframe. Counseling can also help divorcing spouses focus on their personal goals and aspirations moving forward, which is always a positive approach during a time of transition.


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