Ashley Madison hack could spur divorce filings

As news of the Ashley Madison hack spreads, many spouses in Colorado are wondering if their partner is among the millions of people whose information was stored on the site. Ashley Madison has made a thriving business out of offering clients an online means of connecting with partners for the purpose of conducting an affair. A group called The Impact Team hacked into the site and has now released information that identifies nearly 39 million individuals who signed up for that service. That information could lead to a short-term spike in the number of divorce filings in coming months.

For spouses who are concerned about whether their partner has participated in efforts to seek an affair, it is important to tread carefully. Many spouses will rush to check one of the many websites that have emerged to see if their husband or wife has used Ashley Madison or a similar site, and will confront their partner with any information recovered. This may not be the best course of action, however.

For spouses who plan to seek a divorce due to online cheating, a better approach might be to gather as much preliminary information as possible, then schedule a meeting with a divorce attorney. In this way, it is possible to gain an advantage within the divorce by taking proactive steps prior to actually filing. This can give spouses the chance to gather financial information, gain proof of infidelity and make a plan for discussing the matter with friends and family. It can also allow spouses to determine if an affair was funded with marital assets, which can play a role within the divorce process.

Discovering that one’s spouse has taken steps to conduct an affair is often devastating to the wronged partner. In many cases, Colorado spouses in these circumstances will seek a divorce. While it can be difficult to hold off on confronting one’s partner about his or her efforts to cheat, doing so can make a world of difference in the divorce process. Meeting with a divorce attorney is a good way to learn more about the divorce process and what steps should be taken prior to discussing the matter with a cheating spouse or filing the divorce with a court of law.


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