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Military Divorce Archives

Ashley Madison hack could spur divorce filings

As news of the Ashley Madison hack spreads, many spouses in Colorado are wondering if their partner is among the millions of people whose information was stored on the site. Ashley Madison has made a thriving business out of offering clients an online means of connecting with partners for the purpose of conducting an affair. A group called The Impact Team hacked into the site and has now released information that identifies nearly 39 million individuals who signed up for that service. That information could lead to a short-term spike in the number of divorce filings in coming months.

Should collaborative divorce be legislated?

Another state is currently struggling with issues related to how attorneys serve their clients during divorce. A bill is expected to be introduced to legislators later this year concerning collaborative divorce, and debate is rising on whether the matter requires legislation. Should the bill be passed into law, divorce attorneys who enter into a collaborative divorce process would be prohibited from shifting into a traditionally litigated approach if the collaborative process fails. As it stands, couples in Colorado and all other states have the ability to pursue a collaborative divorce.

Compartmentalizing can ease divorce woes

When faced with the end of a marriage, many Colorado spouses have a hard time coming to terms with the changes ahead. Divorce can be a hectic time, and spouses are asked to provide a great deal of information to their attorneys. They must also spend a significant portion of time discussing the marriage and the cause of the pending divorce. This can all take an emotional toll, and individuals who do not establish strong coping mechanisms can face a difficult time as the divorce process moves forward.

Behavior patterns that might predict divorce

A great deal of research within the social sciences is directed at learning more about interpersonal relationships, and especially matters related to marriage and divorce. One researcher has studied the behavior patterns that couples engage in that most often lead to divorce. Both patterns relate to how a couple deals with conflict, but the two approaches sit at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. For Colorado spouses who recognize one of these patterns within their own marriage, it may be time to consider taking action to strengthen the marital bond.

New laws protect child custody rights of military parents

The best interests of children are always the primary consideration of courts in child custody disputes. However, determining what is best for children of members of the armed forces in Colorado and other states may be especially challenging. New legislation was passed by the U.S. Senate in December of 2014 to protect the rights of military parents in child custody cases.

Why divorce is not necessarily 'throwing away' a marriage

When learning of your divorce, some loved ones may argue that you are throwing away your marriage. Most loved ones would use this phrase in a well-meaning way to express concern that you may regret your decision to separate. However, it is important to understand that divorce means ending a marriage and does not necessarily indicate that either you or your spouse is throwing your union away.

Retirement benefits, the SBP and military divorces

Every divorce has its unique matters. When facing divorce, most individuals have many concerns and questions about the future, including in relation to financial matters. You may know that family law rules allow the divorce process to include pension plans, 401(k)s and the like in the property division analysis.

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