5 tips for avoiding a DUI after a Halloween party

With Halloween coming up, you will probably be out eating, drinking and partying with friends. Going to a Halloween party with alcohol means your odds of getting arrested for drunk driving are higher. Blue and red lights flashing behind you on October 31st are far scarier than anything else you will see that night.

But how can you avoid being charged for driving under the influence (DUI) on Halloween? Read below for some tips on stopping yourself from driving drunk on this spooky holiday.

1. Choose a reliable person to be your designated driver

If you plan on consuming alcohol at parties, then you need to decide who is going to drive you home. Do not choose your friend who promises he will only have two or three beers. You want to select someone who will completely abstain from alcohol the whole night.

2. Arrange for other transportation

Sometimes, it is difficult to find someone who will promise to be a designated driver and actually avoid alcohol. In this situation, you have a few options. Integrated Family Community Services (IFCS) recommends calling a taxi to take you home to avoid driving drunk. You could also use a ridesharing app on your smartphone or rely on public transportation services.

3. Sleepover or book a hotel

As you prepare for a Halloween party, you may want to consider making arrangements with the person hosting the party to stay over. If this is not possible, book a hotel room or short-term rental overnight near where the party is taking place.

4. Give your keys to a trusted friend

If you are drinking and fear you may eventually try to drive home, give your car keys to someone you trust. This friend can hide your keys and prevent you from getting behind the wheel.

5. Eat while you drink

Food can help you absorb alcohol more effectively. Drinking on an empty stomach will inebriate you faster, so make sure you eat starchy and filling foods such as bread or chips.

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