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High Asset Divorce Archives

Would you like your divorce records to be sealed?

The recent news of the divorce of a southern governor has made headlines in Colorado and across the nation. The matter is of interest not due to a scandal, but because the parties have successfully petitioned the family court handling their divorce to seal the records from public view. Many across the nation feel that if divorce records are public information for the "average" person, then no individual should be given exception to that rule. Others, however, feel that the end of a marriage is a private matter and want to learn if they can have their own cases kept from the public record.

Building your divorce Dream Team

The process of moving through divorce is filled with a seemingly endless list of tasks that must be accomplished and choices that must be made. In order to reach the best possible settlement, Colorado spouses must make the choices that suit their needs and goals. This can more difficult than it sounds, and most spouses will benefit from having a team of professionals in place to help guide the overall divorce process.

Addressing credit matters during a high asset divorce

Many Colorado couples have achieved a high level of success during the course of their marriage and will have significant assets to divide during any divorce. Even so, it is not uncommon for one or both spouses to neglect their credit standing during a marriage. This can result in serious problems when the time comes to move forward and obtain lines of credit in one's own name after a divorce is finalized.

Prenups can simplify division of marital assets

For many Colorado couples, the decision to enter into a prenuptial agreement makes solid financial sense. These marital contracts are becoming far more common than in decades past, and couples find them to be a wise financial planning tool, regardless of their level of wealth upon entering into marriage. While many who draft a prenup will never need to call that document into action, having one in place can greatly simplify the division of marital assets in the event that the union ends in divorce.

Divorce leaving you strapped for cash? Think outside the box

If your divorce has left you in an unstable financial position, you are not alone. Not only does the divorce process tend to inspire legal fees, it also tends to inspire costs tied to the transition between married life and single life. In addition to moving expenses, divorce tends to result in the need to purchase a host of items ranging from furniture to kitchenware. For example, if your spouse takes all your communal dishes, those dishes must be replaced. Additionally, divorce can result in a host of service fees as you transfer your communal accounts to single accounts.

Why throwing a divorce party may be a good idea - Part II

In our last post, we began a discussion about the benefits of throwing yourself a divorce party. Certainly, you can avoid throwing yourself a “party” and choose to honor this major life transition in a quieter, more personal way. You can also choose to move through this life transition without any sort of symbolic event. However, there are some benefits to throwing yourself a divorce-related gathering.

Why throwing a divorce party may be a good idea - Part I

Our readers may or may not be familiar with the concept of divorce parties. Divorce parties are a relatively new phenomenon. Essentially, these gathering serve as either a celebration of one’s newly single life or as an observance that an individual is transitioning from one phase of life to the next.

If your divorce has left you feeling 'not okay'

“How are you doing?” Sometimes, this question is a welcome one. When old friends embrace each other on the street after a long absence and are joyous in their reunion, this question is a happy, natural byproduct of the situation. However, this question can also be truly unwelcome. If you are the parent of a truly sick child, if you have lost a loved one or if you are divorcing, this question can feel loaded and frustrating.

Avoid these phrases if you want an amicable divorce

The process of divorcing from one's spouse can be complex, frustrating and surprisingly delicate. We have previously written about the fact that it is possible to avoid costly and time-consuming divorce litigation if you and your spouse are both willing and able to work through any differences you have between you with the aid of your attorneys and perhaps with the help of a mediator.

Loved ones: Divorce 'interference' is rarely productive

If a loved one has recently revealed to you that he or she is seeking a divorce, please think carefully before you interfere with this decision. You almost certainly want your loved one to be spared hurt and pain. However, it is rare that a married couple approaches the subject of divorce lightly. By the time that someone announces an intention to divorce to his or her loved ones, the subject has likely already become a significant presence in that person’s life.

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