Boy returned to mother after bitter 4-year child custody fight

The prospect of being separated from a child is a difficult one for parents. However, during a child custody dispute, most parents realize that they cannot be with their child all of the time, especially in a shared custody arrangement. The vast majority of Colorado parents can endure these brief separations, as it is usually in the child’s best interest to spend time with each parent.

There are cases when one parent is not willing to share custody with the other parent. In these situations, children may find themselves in the midst of an intense battle that they may or may not understand. One recent case has dragged on for almost the entire life of one 4-year-old as his parents have each fought to win sole custody. Each parent has in turn been awarded custody, with the father recently being ordered to return the boy to the care of his mother. The father had previously moved to another state without the permission of the court that has jurisdiction in this dispute.

The man was arrested and charged with contempt for failing to return the child to the mother’s state of residence. The woman traveled to the northeast to reclaim her son. When she arrived, the father’s relatives refused to hand the child over, and the mother filed a missing person’s report with the local police. The boy was later reunited with his mother after not seeing her for approximately 18 months.

This child custody battle was initiated by the father in 2014 who has alleged that the mother was abusive to the boy. A court has now ruled that the boy should be with the mother. Most Colorado residents will not be involved in such a bitter dispute. However, when the parties are unable to draft a workable parenting plan, each parent is entitled to seek the assistance of an experienced family law attorney.

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