Michelle Kwan, husband file for divorce

Marriage can be difficult under the best circumstances. Add in the pressures that can come from being a celebrity or having aspirations of a public office and it may come as no surprise when a couple files for divorce. Colorado families may be familiar with at least one of the parties in this latest petition for a marriage dissolution.

Clay Pell, spouse of Michelle Kwan, recently filed for a divorce and stated that the couple had reached the point of incompatibility. He further requested privacy during the process while thanking those who have provided support to him. The couple married in the beginning of 2013 and have only been married for four years.

Mr. Pell is related to a late senator and ran his own unsuccessful campaign for governor of Rhode Island three years ago. Michelle Kwan is a former Olympic figure skater and two-time medalist. The couple do not have any children, and it is not known at this time if Ms. Kwan will contest any aspects of the divorce.

The divorce filing was only recently recorded, and it may be some time before the dissolution is finalized. While no specific reason was given, there are many factors that play into the decision to end a marriage. Colorado residents who are considering a divorce in the near future do have qualified professionals to turn to for guidance and information. A divorce is merely the end of one phase of a person’s life, and it can be a lead to a doorway into a brighter future for both parties.


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