What would the divorce judge say to spouses?

While most Colorado couples are able to work through the details of their divorces on their own, many will find themselves in front of a divorce judge before the matter is settled. Family court judges see all manner of things, from the ridiculous to the outrageous. If they could speak directly to the individuals who stand before them, many would offer the following divorce advice.

What you wear to court is important. The judge does not have the time to get into the intimate details of every case that comes before the bench. They are tasked with making life-altering decisions in a very short period of time, using only limited information that is presented in a very restrictive manner. When someone comes to court wearing clothing that is inappropriate, overly casual or in any way offensive, the impression that is made can have an impact on the outcome of the case. Credibility is key in a courtroom, and it is difficult to build credibility while one is wearing sweatpants.

Judges would also like people to know that they are people, just like the individuals who come before them in the courtroom. Judges have emotional responses similar to those of anyone else, they are just trained to keep them under wraps while on the bench. Taking an overly aggressive stance is never a good idea. Nor is suggesting that a judge is not competent to make decisions about any given subject before the court.

If people could view many family law issues from the perspective of a judge, they might choose to carry out their divorce cases in a very different manner. For those in Colorado who are preparing for a hearing, it would not be a bad idea to consider the tips offered above. It is a wise choice to make an effort to both appear and present oneself in a manner that conveys respect for the court and for the legal system in general.

Source: The Huffington Post, “5 Things Your Divorce Judge Wants to Tell You, But Doesn’t“, Jason Levoy, March 21, 2016

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