How to work out a mutually agreeable child custody plan

Dividing assets can be a stressful part of a divorce, but arguments over the wedding china and retirement accounts pale in comparison to those that can arise over the division of parenting time. Colorado parents who go through divorce and child custody are not only burdened with having to make incredibly impactful financial decisions; they also have to negotiate how much time they will have with shared children. This can place a terrible burden on spouses who are already under a great deal of stress.

Assistance can be found in the addition of a valuable but often overlooked member of one’s divorce team. Known as Child Specialists, there are mental health professionals who focus on the impact that divorce can have on children. Having a Child Specialist weigh in during the divorce process can be beneficial to all involved.

One of the most important roles that a Child Specialist can play is that of advocate. He or she will act as a neutral third party whose only interest is in working toward a solution that is best for the children involved. This gives kids a voice within the divorce process, and an advocate in a situation in which they play no direct role. A Child Specialist is also able to use his or her training to give parents insight into childhood psychological development, which can help parents identify areas of difficulty that their children may encounter.

For many in Colorado, having a Child Specialist assist within the child custody process can be very valuable. A mental health professional help parties remain focused on the needs of their shared children, which by necessity leaves less time and energy available to focus on any lingering tension between the parents. This alone can make bringing on a Child Specialist well worth the investment.


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