Domestic violence and divorce: Enough is enough

For many Colorado spouses, marriage has not proven to be all that one hoped and dreamed that it might be. Often, a situation can worsen in incremental amounts over a period of time, leaving a spouse completely shocked when an incident causes he or she to step back and evaluate the union. While there are a number of marital disappointments that can be addressed through hard work and counseling, domestic violence is an example of a fatal flaw within a marriage.

Once a spouse experiences an act of domestic violence, all focus should be turned toward removing oneself and one’s children from the household. This, however, is rarely the reality, and most spouses who suffer from domestic violence will go through a great many struggles, both internally and externally, before they make the decision to leave. For many, fears about the future will keep them mired in a marriage that is not healthy or safe.

One of the best ways to move forward with any divorce is by becoming well informed about both the process of divorce and the probable outcomes. By working with a divorce attorney, an individual can gain confidence in what the child custody and financial arrangements are likely to be. This can make it easier to move forward with a divorce filing and give spouses the strength needed to persevere.

When domestic violence plays a role within a Colorado divorce, it is imperative to take precautions to ensure one’s safety as the process moves forward. The manner of achieving this goal will differ from one marriage to another, but the first step lies in working with a divorce attorney to create a plan of action. Spouses should know that there is a wealth of resources available to help victims transition from an abusive household into a brighter future.


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