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Child custody case focuses on wrongful adoption

When a child is placed for adoption in Colorado or elsewhere, the adoptive parents want to feel assured that they will be able to care for their newest family member for the duration of their lives. The reality is that some adoptions are more complex than others, and there are circumstances in which an adoption can be challenged or even overthrown. An example is found in a child custody case in which a child's father argued that his parental rights were violated by his daughter's adoption.

What factors influence child custody decisions in Colorado?

If you're a parent who is contemplating or going through a divorce, you likely want to do everything possible to provide for your child's safety and wellbeing. You also probably have many questions about how child custody and visitation decisions are made. It's important, therefore, to ensure that you understand what issues can impact the outcome of a custody case.

Do child custody courts favor women over men?

It has long been assumed that custody determinations are more often made in favor of mothers over fathers. In reality, however, it has been quite some time since Colorado family law courts operated under the assumption that one gender is better suited to care for a child than the other. In today's social climate, judges are far more likely to take a balanced view on the matter, and to make a child custody determination that is based on the specific abilities of each parent, and how those abilities factor into the best interests of the child.

Is this a wise or a wacky child custody solution?

Dividing parenting time is one of the most difficult aspects of any divorce. Most Colorado parents struggle with how to make the process of co-parenting easier for both adults and children. There are a multitude of ways to approach the process, and some work out better for a family than others. One of the more unusual child custody arrangements is known as "birdnesting."

In child custody cases, favoritism plays virtually no role

As kids age, they go through distinct period in which one parent is favored over the other. In fact, as they move through the later stages of adolescence, there are times at which neither parent is particularly valued. For those Colorado parents who are preparing for a child custody case, their worries over which parent the child prefers are often for naught. The courts might take a child's preferences into consideration, but custody is determined by a great many other factors.

Are false accusations of domestic violence common during divorce?

While the underlying cause of a marital breakup or a custody battle can be hard to pin down in some cases, in others it seems straightforward enough: One or both of the parties has accused the other of domestic violence or child abuse.

Two families vie for child custody of foster child

When a couple is unable to have a child of their own, they often exhaust every effort to add to their family. For a couple in one southern state, those efforts included trying to adopt the child of a distant cousin, who had already been placed in a foster home. They believed that the adoption was moving forward and were shocked when social workers took steps to prevent that child custody move. Their story serves as a cautionary tale for Colorado families who are seeking to adopt a child that has already been placed into the foster care system.  

Set aside child custody strife during graduation season

In just a few months, families across Colorado will gather to celebrate graduation. This a significant event in a young person's life and should be a joyous occasion, full of positivity and hope for the future. For kids who have become accustomed to divorce and child custody strife between their parents, graduation can also be a time of great stress. Parents can and should make every effort to give their kids the gift of a stress-free graduation experience.

Discussing child custody changes with kids of all ages

Deciding to divorce is never an easy choice for Colorado parents. Discussing the decision and the resulting child custody changes with one's children is even more daunting a task. Parents should prepare for those conversations ahead of time and with an eye toward tailoring the talks to meet the emotional maturity levels of their children.

How to ease child support contention outside of the courtroom

Fewer topics causes a deeper division among parents than the issue of child support. While no one would argue against both parents contributing to a shared child's needs, the manner in which child support is currently handled is a source of significant debate. Often, Colorado parents cannot see eye-to-eye on the matter, and they end up taking their child support grievances before a court of law. That outcome does nothing to improve the co-parenting relationship, and it often fails to net the custodial parent any form of meaningful support.

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