Who gets the season tickets after your divorce?

The Rockies have had a decidedly mediocre start to the season. If you are an avid fan of Denver’s ballclub, though, you may value your season tickets. After all, even watching the Rockies lose in Coors Field beats just about any other way you can spend your day. If you are thinking about divorcing your spouse, you may wonder what happens to your season tickets.

Denver is a sports town. Whether you had no problem buying Rockies tickets or waited for years to get season tickets to Broncos games, you understand the value of your tickets. In Colorado, family law judges divide property according to what they find to be equitable. While you may choose to fight for your season tickets in open court, you have a few other options.

Share the tickets

You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse may not want a protracted legal battle over your marital assets. If both of you are sports fans, you may be able to share your season tickets. To do so, you simply come up with a schedule that outlines which one of you uses the tickets for certain games. For hot games, such as when the Broncos play the Chiefs, you may decide to switch off annually.

Sell the tickets

As you know, it can take quite a long time to acquire season tickets to some of Denver’s popular sporting events. As such, your season tickets may have significant value on the open market. If neither you nor your spouse wants to keep the tickets, you may choose to sell them and split the proceeds. Before you do, though, you must confirm that the team allows for transferring ownership.

Buy out your spouse’s interest

Finally, you may want to consider buying out your spouse’s interest in your season tickets. Before you go this route, though, you need to know how much your tickets are worth. If your spouse wants to retain other marital property, you may also use the value of your season tickets as a bargaining chip.

While you probably do not like to sit in I-25 traffic, you love having season tickets to watch Denver’s iconic sports teams play. Fortunately, you may not have to give up ownership of your tickets after your divorce. By weighing all available options, you decide what is best for you and your future ex-spouse.

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