When should you update child support payments?

Courts assign child support payments to divorced Colorado couples. But the court understands that your life is not static. Changes happen. Because of those changes, you may one day need to alter your support payments. But what are valid reasons to request a modification?

Most of these reasons are financial ones. They often tie to the paying parent gaining or losing money, or the receiving parent gaining or losing money. You can request modifications in either direction. This means you can ask for courts to lower your payments, but you can also ask them to raise it.

A person may request that courts to raise child support payment if the supporting parent gets a new job that pays more. They may request this if they begin to make less money. This includes demotions. It also includes finding a new but lower paying job after leaving an old one. Finally, you can request more money if your child costs more to raise. Children often become more expensive to care for as they age.

On the other hand, you can request for them to lower payments too. Common reasons include the paying spouse losing a job or falling on hard times. They can also request to lower payments if the receiving spouse marries into a new family and gains financial support there.

Do you want to learn more about child support payment modifications? If so, visit the link here. It will bring you to our web page on family law. From there, you can look into matters regarding child custody and support. You can learn what valid reasons are for requesting modifications. You can also learn how to request those modifications.

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