When negotiating alimony during divorce, calm approach is best

The end of a marriage is fraught with many emotions that can work against clear decision-making. When it’s time to negotiate certain aspects of one’s divorce — such as alimony — taking a calm approach may not feel natural, but it can allow one to reach the best terms. Colorado residents can seek assistance when attempting to make the best decisions without allowing emotions to rule the process.

One of the first reactions to alimony payments is to end them as soon as possible. However, if a spouse elects to make a large one-time payment, it can wind up costing more than smaller payments extended over time. If a receiving former partner later decides to move in with a partner or remarries, these payments usually come to an end. Another helpful tool for those who may be required to make these support payments is to seek the advice of financial experts who can help determine the need for payments and at what rate and length of time.

A temptation for some is to attempt to conceal funds or spend down their assets. This is not a useful strategy, as the courts consider income streams and not liquid assets on hand. Spending or hiding money will only work against an individual in the long run. One tactic that can help to end payments is including a stipulation that the agreement can be terminated or modified if the receiving spouse takes on a roommate or has other means of financial support.

Lastly, it is recommended that those who are going through a divorce discuss their emotions with a professional. If one has an effective way to work through difficult emotions, he or she can approach the settlement negotiations in a calm and clear manner. Colorado residents who are preparing to file for a dissolution and are concerned about any aspect of the process may benefit from the guidance offered by an experienced family law attorney.

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