What is an accident alert? what should you do?

During the snow season have you heard radio or television news announcements that law enforcement in your County is on accident alert? Do you know what that means?

Accident alert is an emergency traffic alert status determined by law enforcement in each Colorado County when the volume of non-injury traffic accidents occur as a result of bad weather and hazardous road conditions.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident during inclement weather, when you call 911 to make a police report, you may be told that the County is on accident alert and that law enforcement will not be able to respond to the scene immediately. You will be instructed to move your vehicles to a safe location off of the roadway and exchange insurance information with the other party.

If you have a camera on your cell phone, you can take a photo of the other person’s proof of insurance card, a photo of their driver’s license, property damage to both vehicles, and request the person’s name and phone number.

You will be instructed to file a “counter-report” on-line and asked to provide all of your vehicle and insurance information, as well as the other party’s information. You will also have an opportunity to provide a detailed account of the circumstances surrounding the accident. Make sure to file the “counter report” within 24 hours of the accident.

It is important that you immediately report your motor vehicle accident to your insurance company to ensure that you are guaranteeing your obligations as an insured.

If you experience any pain symptoms, immediately seek medical treatment. You may have sustained serious internal injuries that can only be detected by a physician or through radiological imagining.

  • If anyone involved in the accident has sustained serious injuries in the accident and may require immediate medical attention, instruct the 911 dispatcher of the circumstances and request that an ambulance is needed at the scene.
  • If there are no serious injuries, but extensive property damage to any of the vehicles involved, instruct the 911 dispatcher that the vehicles may not be safely operable or moved from the scene. Request a tow truck if the vehicles are inoperable.
  • If people involved in the serious accident are disputing who it is at fault, instruct the 911 dispatcher that law enforcement is requested at the scene. It may take longer than expected, but in an accident involving disputed fault, it may be important to have law enforcement prepare a written traffic accident report.

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