What do I do if I need to move out of state with my children?

After your divorce, your situation may change. One of these changes may mean that you need to move. While many moves may be across town or even within the state, some may require moving outside of the state. You cannot move a significant distance from your current location and away from the other parent without the approval of the court.

According to the Colorado Judicial branch, you must request permission from the court that handled your original parenting plan. How things progress from here depends on whether or not you and the other parent agree to the move.

You do agree

If the other parent is okay with you and the children moving, you will still have to get the court’s permission. You will file a Stipulation form. You will need the other parent to complete a portion of the form as well.

You do not agree

If the other parent does not agree that you can move with the children, then you will have to file a motion. This is a request asking the court to make the final decision. You do not have to have the other parent complete any part of your motion forms. You will have to provide the other parent with a copy of the motion either through the mail or by hand.

The other parent will then have the option to answer the motion you file. He or she may file a response form with his or her answer that provides information on why he or she feels you should not move with the children.

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