What can’t divorce do for you?

As a divorcing couple in Colorado, you may have some ideas about divorce already when you first go into it. However, some of the ideas you have may be incorrect. Today we will debunk some of the most common myths by showing what divorce cannot do for you.

First, divorce cannot ensure your civil relations. Custody and visitation arrangements can be set by the courts but they cannot directly enforce them. A court order is just that: an order. It does not have any control over the individuals carrying it out. There is, unfortunately, no guarantee a parent will not spend their visit making rude remarks about their co-parent. There is nothing saying post-divorce collaboration will be easy.

A divorce cannot guarantee equal division of assets or time with children. No two divorces are alike. Judges only have vague guidelines to go off of. They can only make a decision based on the limited information you give them during trial. This may end up with them making decisions that you feel are unfair.

Finally, divorce cannot maintain your financial standing. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is single living is more expensive. Sharing your living expenses with a significant other is more ergonomic. You will need to readjust your life to one income unless you take on a second job.

If you are curious to read more about these divorce matters, you may want to visit our web page. You can look into laws in Colorado, how to handle a divorce, and more. Discover what divorce truly can or cannot do for you.

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