Weekly FAQ #3: How Should I Choose a Divorce Attorney?

When going through a divorce, a common concern is “how do I choose an attorney?” It’s not unusual for the reflexive choice to be going with the least expensive attorney – divorce is frequently financially devastating. However, there are other factors that it’s important to remember when selecting the right attorney.
An important factor when considering the expense of a lawyer is their support staff. Does your potential lawyer have a full staff, or is he or she working on their own? Hiring a lawyer with a lower hourly fee but no support staff can ultimately cost you quite a bit more. A lawyer without a support staff will be doing the legwork on your case on their own, which means that hourly charge will be applied to everything done for you. However, a lawyer with a staff will have paralegals and associates to handle the paperwork and reduce your cost.
Remember that choosing a divorce attorney is not quite the same as selecting any other type of attorney. Your divorce attorney will be the person who will help you and your spouse divide your assets, negotiate any spousal maintenance, arrange child custody, and will be the person protecting you from as much of the financial backlash of your divorce as possible.
Choose a lawyer with the experience and support to get you what you deserve – call The Law Center, PC today at 303-991-5200 and schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced, and well-supported, divorce attorneys!

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