Use technology to make communicating with an ex-spouse easier

Maybe you’re already divorced but tied to your ex-spouse through a spousal support obligation or the children you share between you. Or, perhaps you’re still going through the process of negotiating the division of your property, other assets and debts.

Either way, you may find trying to communicate with your ex-spouse (or soon-to-be ex) exhausting and an emotional drain — particularly if you haven’t gotten to the stage where it’s possible to have a civil conversation most of the time.

Well, thankfully, we live in an age where technology can make life a little easier when you’re going through these situations. Here are some apps that you may find helpful:

For the broken-hearted:

Can’t get over the breakup of your marriage? Try Mend. Mend is an app designed to help you get through the emotional aspects of your divorce — but it also helps you focus on the practical concerns, like understanding how to manage your finances after divorce.

When you want evidence of communication:

Are you dealing with a high-conflict ex who makes and breaks agreements regarding the kids all the time? Try TalkingParents. It provides a time-stamped method of exchanging communication (and even records when the other parent read the message, whether they responded or not). You can also use it to keep notes or a journal about your encounters with your ex, which could make testifying in a custody hearing much easier down the line.

When you’re tired of arguing over support payments:

SupportPay is an app that lets the paying parent track when money was sent for child support and the receiving parent can track expenses for the kids so that the paying parent can see exactly how expensive things really are. That may be a great way to end arguments over how the support money is really being used.

When you just want better communication:

OurFamilyWizard can allow you and your ex-spouse to coordinate schedules and plans that involve the kids without having to personally interact at all. That can help end confusion and miscommunication over things like pickup times, dance recitals, school events and negotiations around visitation.

If you and your ex are still unable to work things out and child custody, visitation and support are becoming a heated issue, it may be time to investigate your legal options.

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