State conducts sweep in attempt to collect back child support

The vast majority of Colorado parents involved in divorce proceedings are able to work out the details concerning child custody and financial responsibility when they go their separate ways. Sometimes, however, payments are not made, and enforcement options must be considered. In those instances where a noncustodial parent is simply unable to pay court-ordered child support, it may be possible to obtain a temporary or permanent modification by filing a formal petition with the court.

One county in another state recently conducted a three day sweep in an attempt to collect back support. According to the report, approximately 31 parents were arrested in the operation. The county sent a total of 34 deputies out to make the arrests. Purportedly, the amount in arrears totaled an estimated $443, 700. The ones who were arrested all had outstanding warrants regarding the delinquent payments.

During the arrests, county officials reportedly collected almost $8,000 from these parents. County officials stated that is unknown how many parents do come forward to make repayment once they are informed that they may face a possible arrest. The sheriff reiterated that the intention behind these sweeps is to ensure that the children ultimately benefit by receiving the benefits these often critical monies are intended to provide.

It was not reported how many of those who were arrested were later released once either payments were made or a satisfactory payment plan was agreed upon. Colorado parents who are struggling to either make or receive child support payments do have recourse to the courts in order to achieve the best outcome available to them. A family law attorney can provide information and assistance in these and related matters.

Source:, “31, who owed $433K in child support, arrested in sweep“, Craig Turpin, April 19, 2017

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