Remember these rules for child custody

Trying to work out child custody arrangements is often difficult for parents who are going through a divorce. It’s easy to let the divorce matters overlap with the custody decisions, but that’s not what needs to happen.

Both parents have to be focused on doing what’s best for the children. There are a few things you can do that might help to make the custody negotiations a bit less stressful for everyone involved.

Stick to matters related to the children

Never let the cause of the divorce play a role in the child custody decisions. The only exception to that is if there was abuse or other factors that could negatively affect the children’s health or safety. It helps some individuals to remember that people who are great parents might be terrible spouses. Considering how your ex interacts with your children might make it a bit easier to remember that your children need both parents in their life.

Remain open to compromise

You can’t think about who proposed what ideas when you’re working out custody arrangements. Instead, think about how the options on the table will affect the children. Compromise in these cases can lead to some customized plans that help the children to thrive.

It’s best to try to work as a team to get the parenting plan figured out. Once you have the terms, put them on paper so both sides know exactly what they’re responsible for. There are times when standard agreements won’t work. Be sure you have someone who can help you to think of creative solutions to the custody challenges you’re facing.

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