Program praised for help it provides to domestic violence victims

Those who are in an abusive relationship often feel that they have no place to turn for meaningful help. There are many types of abuse, and victims of domestic violence may sometimes feel that the circumstances in their lives do not rise to a serious level that merits assistance. There are likely many Colorado residents who could benefit from assistance provided by a compassionate family law attorney.

Recently, one state was praised by for its efforts to provide assistance to victims and their children who have been victims of this type of violence. This program provides legal assistance to victims throughout the process, including reviewing the required paperwork and providing physical support during hearings. The intent is to provide victims with help regardless of their income levels and the type of abuse that may have been inflicted.

According to the participants, an estimated 227 victims have been assisted during the past two years. The goal is to ensure that those who need them are able to apply for and be granted protective orders against their abusers. A protective order can provide much-needed relief and peace of mind for those in need. This simple document prohibits an abuser from having any unwanted physical contact with his or her victims, and it also prohibits threatening behaviors such as stalking and workplace harassment.

The vast majority of victims who have received assistance are women and children, though there have been male victims who have needed this type of protection. Colorado families who have been affected by this serious problem may feel unsure as to how to protect themselves and their loved ones. Victims who have suffered any type of domestic violence — whether it be physical, emotional or financial — may benefit from consulting with an attorney who can provide guidance concerning how best to ensure the safety of themselves and their children.

Source: U.S. News & World Report, “Program helps victims of domestic violence with legal process“, Lex Talamo, Feb. 3, 2018

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