Marital reassessments could be a factor in spike of gray divorce

In Colorado and across the nation, people are adapting to the different landscape in various ways. For couples who were suddenly spending more time together than they were previously accustomed to, it highlighted problems that they either were unaware of or tried to ignore. This has been especially problematic for those 50 and older. Reassessing the marriage is believed to be a factor in the statistical spike in divorces for people in this age range who are getting a so-called “gray” divorce. Those who are already moving forward with a divorce or are simply weighing their options should have assistance from the beginning.

Suspected reasons why gray divorce could be a growing trend

In addition to the tension and feelings of disconnect that may have accompanied people being forced to spend more time together than usual, some have chosen to reanalyze their lives and search for happiness that has eluded or left them in the marriage. Statistically, gray divorce doubled in the two decades from 1990 to 2010. In the decade since, it stayed at a high level. Comparably, other demographics experienced a reduction in divorce.

For those who were on the same page in their marriage, the new template and need to spend more time together was not a problem. For others, it exposed fissures that they might not have realized were so large. With that, people are more willing to part ways. Another factor is the ability to self-support and the freedom it brings. Women were once less prevalent in the workforce. Today, with more women working, it is easier for them to choose to end an unsatisfying marriage as they are not relying on a spouse to support them.

Divorce can be complicated at any age and assistance might be essential

Among the issues that frequently arise in a divorce are child custody, child support, spousal maintenance and property division. If it is an older couple who are parting ways, there may be significant assets, a business, retirement accounts, a primary home, vacation property, items of sentimental value and more. This can make the case acrimonious. Even in circumstances where the sides are relatively cordial and simply want to end the marriage, there can be sticking points. To be protected in any situation, it is wise to have professional advice from the outset.

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