Man owes more than $299,000 in arrears after 2013 divorce

The majority of people who are ordered to make spousal and child support payments make every effort to meet those obligations. However, there are parents and former spouses who struggle to meet those monthly payments after their final divorce decrees. When Colorado residents struggle with these obligations, they do have options to seek a remedy.

One man is reportedly on the run from his home state in an effort to avoid paying the estimated $9,100 in monthly payments for his former spouse and children. According to officials, he has not paid any money since his 2013 divorce. He claims that his ex-wife received considerable finds from his business, but that money was not correctly classified as support money.

The man reportedly once owned and operated a profitable jewelry and metal company that is no longer in business. He alleges he requested a reduction in his court-ordered payments but that he is unwilling to make an in-person appeal based on the outstanding warrants that have been issued against him. He further claims that those same warrants are prohibiting him from seeking gainful employment and that he plans to continue to avoid his home state until his youngest child reaches the age of majority.

Officials have stated they will work with parents who fall behind in their obligations. When a person finds that he or she is unable to make their support obligations, he or she may file a petition, seeking a modification. Colorado residents who are in the midst of a divorce and have concerns over being able to meet court-ordered support payments may seek the assistance of a family law attorney who can ensure that alimony and child support payments are in line with one’s ability to pay. An attorney can also help file these petitions for modification when one’s financial circumstances change.

Source:, “Friend of Court’s ‘Most Wanted’: County says father owes nearly $300,000 in child support“, Aileen Wingblad, July 5, 2017

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