Ignoring your children’s allergy triggers could be abusive

It can be frightening for parents who have children who are sensitive to foods or other allergens to see someone ignore the risks. If you are divorced and find out that your ex has been allowing individuals to babysit without informing them about your kids’ allergies, or your ex is plain out ignoring them, then you have a real cause for concern.

In some cases, exposing children to allergens could be considered abuse. This might be the case if your children are regularly hospitalized for allergic reactions to a known allergy or if your ex-spouse refuses to keep rescue medications on hand. The reality is that an allergy can potentially be dangerous or deadly, so ignoring your children’s allergies and medical requirements could be considered abusive. 

What to do if your children keep having allergies in your co-parent’s care

First, it’s important to know what your kids’ allergies are. If that hasn’t yet been established, it may be hard to avoid them. Set up an appointment with an allergist, and work on identifying dangerous triggers.

If you already know the allergens, talk to the other parent. Is there a miscommunication about which foods or triggers to avoid? Is there a misunderstanding about the medications they need to take? Clear up any miscommunications so that you know your ex-spouse understands what your children are allergic to and how to treat and prevent reactions.

If the other parent isn’t willing to work with you on reducing allergen exposure and taking steps to keep your children safe, then it’s time to look into going back to court. You may be able to have the custody schedule modified so that your children can stay with you more often or be supervised in your co-parent’s care.

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