How to ease the stress of divorce

When people think of going through a divorce, many envision television shows and movies that involve high emotions, devious tactics and a long, drawn-out process. Although divorce is not easy, it does not need to be that stressful.

Whether or not there are kids involved, there are ways of getting through a divorce that make it easier on everyone.

Alternatives for the divorce process

One of the first things to decide when agreeing to end a marriage is how to go about it. Although a court battle is an option, FindLaw suggests mediation as a possible alternative. Mediation involves both spouses and a mediator, who is a neutral party. The goal is to come up with a fair and mutually acceptable agreement.

Mediation is a popular way to end a marriage due to numerous factors. It is less costly and a shorter process than litigation. Because each spouse is able to speak freely, and the two parties work on an agreement together, the process gives the couple more control over the outcome. There is typically less conflict, which results in a less stressful process and better communication between the two sides.

Coping methods

PsychCentral discusses some things each spouse can do to reduce the emotional toll divorce often has on each individual. It may be tempting to withdraw, but each spouse should have a support network of friends and family members. Joining a support group may also help.

Each spouse should focus on the present and future rather than dwell on the past. Some helpful actions may include decluttering, taking on a new hobby, going back to school, forgiving each other and meeting new people.

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