How does joint custody help your child?

Colorado parents must deal with a lot of stress when divorcing. They have to deal with matters of finances and assets. On top of that, they have to handle child custody and support. Knowing what type of custody you want is crucial in these times.

But is what you want best for your child? Studies have shown that joint or shared custody may benefit them more than sole custody. Today we will look at the reason for that.

Stress reduction in children of custody

Science Daily discusses how shared custody reduces the stress on children of divorce. They compare children of sole custody situations to those of joint or shared custody. The result is stark. Many children of sole custody experience the following:

  • An inability to connect well with peers
  • Disregard for authority figures
  • Acting out in school or other group gatherings
  • Developing poor coping mechanisms
  • Increased struggles with mental health issues
Joint custody and good coping mechanisms

By comparison, children of joint custody do not struggle with these problems as much. Many develop good coping mechanisms. They are less likely to act out. Though some are prone to bouts of depression or anxiety, it is often less extreme.

Why does this happen? Some specialists theorize that it is because a child of joint custody still has both parents to rely on. They have a stable foundation. Though their lives still change, it does not change in such a dramatic way. This helps them continue feeling safe even through the changes they do face.

Not every family can make joint custody work. It is important to understand that. You must do thorough research before deciding which type of custody to go for.

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