Getting help when domestic violence is part of the picture

Relationships are often difficult enough, especially when they are nearing the end. As a result of the elevated stress and emotional levels, the threat of domestic violence will sometimes become a factor. Colorado families do not have to face these situations on their own.

Often times, the words domestic abuse conjures up images of battered women who have been beaten with their children hiding behind them. However, domestic abuse can take much more subtle forms. A partner can restrict access to financial assets or use other forms of intimidation that does not leave any physical marks but still has the effect of controlling the one who is the target. Furthermore, there are certainly situations that could lead to physical harm, and all of these forms of abuse can be prevented with assistance.

Applying for a protective order can have the effect of preventing the accused abuser from having any contact with the victim for a specified period of time. The order can be written to provide the victim with relief from any contact with the abusive partner while also providing protection for any minor children. On the other hand, there are circumstances where accusations of abuse have been leveled in an attempt to gain an upper hand at any stage of a relationship breakdown. These are serious accusations that can have far reaching consequences in the lives of the ones who have been erroneously accused.

Both of these circumstances are disconcerting, and you may feel unsure how to proceed — whether you are being intimidated or have been accused of committing domestic violence. Colorado residents do have the right to seek assistance from experienced and compassionate professionals. A knowledgeable family law attorney can provide the guidance and information necessary to ensure that your life does not have to suffer irreparable harm from this serious domestic issue.

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