Fox News anchor served with divorce papers after alleged affair

Life in the spotlight often comes with its share of negative publicity and reports of alleged misdeeds. When those accusations appear to be based on truth, then a marriage may well end in divorce. One does not have to be a celebrity, though, for a marriage to end based on the decisions and behaviors of one spouse — as countless Colorado residents are aware.

Recently, Jesse Watters, a well-known host from the popular Fox News network, announced that his wife had started divorce proceedings against him. This decision was purportedly based on the news that Watters had been conducting an extra-marital affair with another employee of the network. According to Watters, he and a female producer were involved in an on-going relationship.

Once the news about the affair was shared with the human resources director of the cable news channel, it was decided that the woman would be transferred to work on another program. The 39-year-old anchor is the father of twin daughters with his now-estranged wife. She filed the papers in the fall of last year, and it is unknown at this time how far the divorce has progressed.

Watters is supposedly still involved with the 25-year-old producer. He is purportedly also facing allegations of sexual harassment from several women. He joins the ranks of previous anchors and other high-profile celebrities who have been accused of misconduct with female co-workers. Colorado residents who find themselves facing the prospect of a divorce under similar circumstances may have many concerns related to arriving at an equitable division of assets — especially if one partner has engaged in inappropriate behavior. One may be best served by consulting with an experienced attorney who is skilled in ensuring that a wronged spouse receives all of the assets to which he or she is entitled in order to maintain the standard of living to which he or she has become accustomed.


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