Felony Drunk Driving Law Bill Dies in Committee

Felony Drunk Driving Law Bill Dies in Committee Yesterday, House Bill 1036 – a drunk driving law aimed at making repeated DUIs a felony – was shot down with a vote of three Republicans to four Democrats. Despite support from Senator Mike Johnston (D-CO), the drunk driving law did not convince the opposition that it would be an effective deterrent. The main cited concern by Senator Pat Steadman (D-Den) was the possibility that this bill would simply increase incarceration rates and costs without preventing intoxicated individuals from getting behind the wheel. Senator Steadman maintained that harsher drunk driving laws such as this do not prevent motorists from driving drunk; and those who repeatedly get behind the wheel while intoxicated need treatment, not prison. A study performed at the University of Oregon seems to support Senator Steadman’s theory – harsher punishments do not seem to have a significant impact on the recidivism rate of intoxicated drivers, therefore meaning a Felony DUI may not be the most appropriate response to the behavior. Instead those who repeatedly drink to intoxication and get behind the wheel may be better served by a treatment program. If you or someone you know is facing trial for a DUI, call The Law Center today at 303-991-5200 and schedule your free consultation with our drunk driving law experts right away! (Read the entire study here: http://www.iza.org/conference_files/riskonomics2012/hansen_b6905.pdf) : The Law Center PC

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