Federal agency announces updates to child support system

Recently, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement announced several updates it has made to its system that impact employers throughout the country, including Colorado. According to its records, approximately $33 billion was collected for child support during 2016, with 75 percent of that amount collected through income withholding. The agency also reported that employers registered an estimated 65.6 million new or re-hired workers in that year.

The OCSE upgrades clarify the information it requires from employers. The information must be reported directly to the federal agency, rather than to third-party companies that typically charge a fee for the information. It is stressed that employers must record the same Employer Identification Number when registering new hires so as to avoid duplication and delays in processing of child support orders.

In addition, employers who have workers in more than one state may file reports in the state of their choice as long as information is provided concerning each state that they operate in. In addition, employers or support enforcement officials must include an accurate percentage for withholding when registering new hires according to the preset determinations or state limitations. Employers and state child support enforcement offices have one year to adopt the new initiatives.

Across the country, most parents who are ordered to make child support payments work diligently to ensure that their children are provided for in the best manner possible. However, sometimes it is difficult to meet these obligations. Colorado parents who are having problems in making or receiving child support can turn to an experienced family law attorney for assistance.


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