Effective steps to take to finalize divorce sooner

There has been much discussion about the need for couples in the process of dissolving their marriage to finalize the process by the end of the year. Beginning in January, the paying spouse will no longer be able to deduct alimony payments from income taxes, which may result in smaller payments and less money for the two households once the divorce is completed. At this point most Colorado couples will run out of time to get their divorces finalized in order to beat the tax deadline, but for couples who wish to complete their divorce as soon as possible, there are some actions that may speed the process.

The first step is to thoroughly analyze what one really needs to get out of their settlement agreement. There may be many desires, but when one truly considers what is most important, it may be easier to arrive at a workable agreement if the needs of each partner are taken into consideration. Once each spouse has a firm grasp on what each party needs, the negotiations may proceed with less acrimony.

Another recommendation is for each spouse to provide his or her attorney with a firm plan to speed up the process. This may include steps to take each week in order to streamline the proceedings. It may be helpful to understand that agreements can be modified in the future if needed. As long as a settlement agreement is filed, either party could look into seeking a modification at a later date if circumstances warrant seeking a change.

Lastly, spouses are encouraged to determine whether it would be in their best interest to settle the divorce as soon as possible. For some couples, it may be beneficial to structure a property settlement in a manner that will offset any applicable tax penalties. Colorado residents may benefit from seeking the advice of an experienced attorney in order to determine the best solutions for their unique circumstances.

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