DUI and child custody in Colorado

When it comes to divorce proceedings, many factors come together to influence the final outcome. Some of these factors are beneficial, some are not. A conviction of driving while under the influence can have serious consequences for a person on its own, but it can have an even greater impact on a divorce proceedings and determining child custody.

Even though there are circumstances where divorce may be the best option for a family or where intoxicants are used for the treatment of a health condition, there are many situations in which either of these actions can require legal help.

Determining custody

When judges make decisions regarding child custody, their decisions are generally influenced by a large number of factors. However, the single greatest guiding principle in determining child custody is “the best interest of the child.” Some influencing factors considered include,

· The mental and physical health of all parties

· Any history of abuse (substance, domestic, emotional, etc.)

· The ease of transition for the child

· The ability of a parent to maintain a healthy living environment

These are just a few of the major factors judges may consider. Additionally, any charge of a DUI may impact their decision because they may determine that the conviction demonstrates a lack of sound judgment, a history of abuse, etc.

Additional effects

Regardless of any divorce or child custody proceedings, a DUI conviction can have serious consequences in a person’s life. The effect of these consequences can be difficult to deal with on their own, but they can complicate family law matters even more.

Driving privileges –

If convicted of a DUI, one of the consequences may be a loss of driving privileges. While this can make things difficult on its own, it could impact your ability to run errands, get to work, etc. All of these things could influence a judge’s decision.

Probation –

If you are put on probation, your ability to move between states could be limited and you may be required to attend classes, meetings, or fulfill community service. These activities could potentially take time away from caring for a child.

Any of the aforementioned legal issues could seriously impact the outcome of family law proceedings. It is at times like these that having solid legal assistance can make all the difference. If you find yourself in a situation where you are facing these types of issues, it is highly recommended that you obtain the services of an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional

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