Does he recognize the contributions you made by staying at home?

Conflict is a fact in many divorces, but it does not always spring from the same source. For example, a couple could be splitting amicably, but things go downhill when one person starts dating someone new. In another situation, one partner may argue against spousal support, with the other partner feeling resentful that the contributions she made by staying at home are unrecognized.

If you are a wife with a soon-to-be ex who refuses to acknowledge the value you brought by staying at home, you are likely going through a lot of mental anguish. Not only is there the fact that he apparently thought lowly of you all these years, there is now uncertainty about your future.

Why spousal maintenance exists

The general purpose of spousal maintenance, also called alimony, is to help ease the transition out of a marriage. That is, if you have become used to a certain standard of living, you should not suddenly and drastically have to change your living circumstances. It also exists to ensure that a divorce does not significantly disadvantage one spouse.

Why stay-at-home spouses might qualify for spousal maintenance

Colorado law on spousal maintenance changed in 2014. It is, more or less, an equation that keeps in mind the income of both partners as well as child support payments, asset division and other factors. Of course, many situations do have unique considerations, and attorneys are able to effectively argue for more generous spousal maintenance awards that go beyond what an equation would call for.

One such situation could exist in the case of a stay-at-home parent and/or spouse. Perhaps your husband preferred you to stay at home at the expense of a college degree you desired so you could travel on business with him or prepare dinners. Or, maybe the both of you agreed you would stay at home to take care of the children even though that meant you could have a hard time rejoining the workforce later on.

Spousal maintenance can help you go back to school, keep a certain standard of living and/or stay afloat after a divorce. It is critical that your side gets heard.

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