Divorce leaving you strapped for cash? Think outside the box

If your divorce has left you in an unstable financial position, you are not alone. Not only does the divorce process tend to inspire legal fees, it also tends to inspire costs tied to the transition between married life and single life. In addition to moving expenses, divorce tends to result in the need to purchase a host of items ranging from furniture to kitchenware. For example, if your spouse takes all your communal dishes, those dishes must be replaced. Additionally, divorce can result in a host of service fees as you transfer your communal accounts to single accounts.

As a result of these many costs, you may be struggling financially at the moment. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to get your finances back on the right track. For example, you can avoid impulse spending. When you go to the store with a list and you stick to purchasing the items on that list, you can better monitor your spending. Even impulse snack items and caffeinated beverages can add up surprisingly quickly.

Additionally, you can reduce certain service costs that you may no longer need. If you and your spouse have purchased a particularly significant data plan for your cellphones, you may be able to reduce that plan now that you are down to paying for your cellphone alone.

Finally, consider thinking creatively about other areas of your spending. For example, if you frequently buy your books, think about using the library or taking advantage of book discounts on sites like Half.com until your finances are back on track. These relatively minimal efforts can go a long way towards helping you regain financial stability during and post-divorce.


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