Dating while divorcing: It is a good idea?

A divorce does not have to signal the end of a person’s love life. According to data from the Pew Research Center, approximately 40 percent of all marriages in 2013 involved a person who had been married previously. While a person going through a separation can certainly marry again once the court finalizes the divorce, he or she should be careful of dating before the finalization.

Typically, divorces take a lot of time to finish. During that time, one spouse may find someone he or she is crazy about, but the spouse should be mindful of seriously dating. Not only can it create confusing emotions for any children, but it also can hurt the person in court.

Kids can become confused

Divorces are particularly painful for any children two parents share. Kids are already getting used to the idea of seeing one parent less often, but when a completely new person enters the fold, it becomes even more confusing. If one spouse wants to casually date someone, then that may be fine. However, the spouse should avoid introducing the new partner to the children until after the court has settled the divorce.

Your former spouse may use a new relationship in court

Casually dating someone else will likely not need to come up in the courtroom. However, if the relationship has led to cohabitation, then the other spouse may use that as reasoning that the dating spouse does not need as much alimony and child support. People should not drag new partners into court, but it does happen.

It may just not be a good time

Before a person going through a divorce decides to get into a new relationship, he or she should seriously ask, “Is this right for me?” People go through a lot of emotions during a divorce, even if the relationship was not that great. People should think twice before jumping into something new. It may be best to remain friends for the time being until the separation is complete.

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