Custody agreement violation costs mother primary child custody

During a divorce, there are likely some issues that the former couple will have to compromise on. However, few topics can evoke stronger feelings and beliefs than child custody and how a child should be raised. There may be times when one parent will have to concede a point in order to obtain each party’s goal of ensuring that a child’s best interests are protected. Most likely, there are many Colorado parents who have struggled to blend personal beliefs with the well-being of a child while attempting to honor the other parent’s wishes.

Recently, a judge in another state was compelled to rescind one mother’s primary custody rights. After the couple’s divorce, part of the custody agreement purportedly contained a stipulation that their son would receive the required immunizations. In exchange for that concession, the mother was awarded primary custody of their child. However, the woman reportedly did not honor that condition in spite of her agreement to do so late last year.

When the mother reportedly failed to follow through with the court-ordered vaccinations, she was found to be in contempt and was sentenced to jail for less than a week. In addition to the sentence, an order for temporary custody was provided for the child’s father. According to the report, the boy did receive several immunizations a few days later.

The judge has now altered the child custody agreement between the parents to provide for joint custody. The mother purportedly refused to take her son for the shots because doing so violates her religious views. Her legal representative stated that the mother would appeal that decision. While few custody disputes will result in a parent serving a jail sentence, there may be issues on which the parents simply cannot agree. Colorado parents who find themselves in a dispute are entitled to consult with a family law professional in order to find a solution that works best for their child’s needs.

Source:, “Michigan mother who ignored agreement to vaccinate son loses primary custody“, Oct. 11, 2017

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