Current health situation leads to spike in Colorado divorce rate

Coloradans decide to divorce for many reasons. Some are due to unbridgeable gaps in the relationship, because of infidelity, stagnation, unhappiness, abuse and for other challenges. However, circumstantial issues can lead to a reexamination of the marriage. People might come to the realization that they might be better-served to part ways. A situation in which people are required to spend more time together than they did before can uncover these fundamental problems. Those who are contemplating divorce should be aware of the personal and legal ramifications and understand their options.

National health crisis has resulted in increase in Colorado divorces

There has been an anecdotal and statistical spike in divorce rates since the health crisis came to light. It resulted in unemployment, shutdowns, children taking part in remote learning and people forced to spend more time with their spouse than they were accustomed to. Legal professionals in the state have reported that their divorce cases have increased by nearly 100%. Throughout the United States, divorce has increased as well with a 34% rise between March and June. There seem to be more divorces in Colorado than there have been nationally.

Many explanations have been given for the surge in divorces. The need to be at home has potentially exacerbated lingering disagreements that had been pushed to the side or ignored. Suddenly, they came to the forefront and needed to be addressed. Financially, people who have lost their jobs or are facing decreased income could have greater family tensions that lead to ending the marriage. In some instances, the marriage may be salvageable. In others, it is better for everyone to move on.

It is wise to have legal advice when considering divorce

No matter the reason, legal assistance may be critical for the divorce process. Property division, child custody, child support, spousal support, parenting time and other considerations will come to the forefront. This is true for people who have substantial assets and those who are of more modest means. Understanding all the aspects of the process is critical and consulting with a legal professional experienced in divorce is beneficial from the start.

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