Child support deception lands officer on wrong side of the law

When parents can no longer maintain a relationship, the well-being of their child usually takes precedent. This includes resolving such issues as with whom the child will reside and which parent will be responsible for making child support payments. When these matters prove difficult to settle, Colorado parents can seek the advice of family law professionals.

According to a recent report, a police officer in another state may be facing a jail sentence based on allegations that he provided false payroll information to the courts. The deception purportedly came to light after the officer was the subject of an undisclosed investigation. The 40-year-old father is facing charges of providing false information to the courts, grand larceny and perjury, among other charges. He reportedly concealed the amount of his income and claimed that a shift change accounted for an increase.

The report indicated that the officer recently appeared in court over the matter and is scheduled for a follow-up appearance in September. He is alleged of having denied his daughter child support payments in excess of $15,300. His daughter has now reached the age of maturity and may no longer qualify for support.

If he is found guilty of the charges, he will be terminated from his position as a New York city officer and could be sentenced to serve up to seven years. The judge remarked that this case was particularly disturbing as it involved a police officer defrauding his child of vital child support. Whenever Colorado parents experience difficult in obtaining or making these payments, an experienced attorney can provide guidance in filing a petition for modifications to existing orders.

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