Child custody dispute ends in father’s arrest; mother stabbed

Few issues in life may be more contentious than trying to decide where a child should live after the parents break up. Though it has happened, most child custody disputes do not end in a parent being physically attacked. Colorado parents do have resources to turn to when they find themselves in a bitter custody battle.

In a recent case in another state, a father purportedly was at the home of his 2-year-old child and the child’s mother. At some point, the father allegedly stabbed the woman in a lower extremity and then abducted his son. Police had been summoned to the home for a report of a domestic disturbance approximately two hours before the child was taken.

Police issued an Amber Alert in hopes of finding the young child. The alert was first sent out around 8 a.m. and was cancelled about an hour later after the toddler was safely located. The father was also located and taken into the custody of the Minneapolis police. At the time of the child’s abduction, the authorities were reportedly searching for two men involved, one of whom allegedly had possession of a firearm.

The child’s mother did not suffer any serious wounds in the attack and was expected to make a full recovery. There were no further details released by officials as to the charges that the non-custodial father may be facing. Colorado parents who find that they are unable to arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement concerning child custody or similar issues may each consult with a family law professional, who may be able to help them settle the matter in a way that will best meet the child’s needs.

Source:, “Child found following abduction, father in custody”, March 28, 2017

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