Can a child support order be changed?

Children need the support of both their parents, emotionally and financially. When a divorce is concluded, the court may order the non-custodial parent to make payments to ensure the child does not go without.

Times change, and so do children

When the court makes an order for child support, it does so based upon the information available to it at the time. But the child will continue to grow and his or her needs will evolve. What they need at the age of six is different for what they will need at 10 years of age or 16.

The circumstances of the parents can also change over time. Parents do not stop growing or changing any more than their children do.

review of the child support order may be requested at any time, by either parent. It may be appropriate to request a review if the cost of raising the child has changed in some way, such as health care or education expenses. There could also be a change in the income of one or both parents which makes a review necessary.

Visitation need not remain stagnant through the life of a child support order. Should the child begin having more overnight visits with the non-custodial parent, it may lessen the financial requirements of the custodial parent, making a change to the child support order appropriate.

Time itself may influence an order. If a number of years have passed since the order was made, it may be wise to have it reviewed and updated. Regardless of the circumstances, if you have questions about whether it is appropriate to seek child support modification, speak to a knowledgeable professional to ensure you child receives the support they need.

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