Are you staying in an unhealthy marriage for these reasons?

No two marriages are the same. Each marriage operates under a unique set of circumstances. As a result, only the spouses directly tied to any given marriage can truly understand it. If you are married, only you fully understand your values, priorities and limits. You may be happily married or you may be staying in an unhealthy marriage for any number of reasons. The choice to remain in an unhealthy marriage or seek a divorce is ultimately up to you. But if the marriage is unlikely to become healthier any time soon, you may benefit from considering divorce.

According to a recent survey, 25 percent of married couples in the UK are choosing to remain married only until their kids have become adults. It is likely that many American couples are choosing to remain together for their kids’ sake as well. However, numerous studies support the idea that kids do not necessarily benefit from such an arrangement. Living in a household colored by marital tension can sometimes do more damage to children than the temporary chaos of divorce can.

According to the same survey, many unhappy married couples are choosing to remain together because they cannot afford to live in two single households. While financial concerns are certainly pressing for many couples, there are often ways to make divorced households a viable option. If you are refraining from getting a divorce due to financial reasons, you may want to consider speaking with an experienced attorney about making divorce work for you financially.


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