Are you divorcing a narcissist?

The label “narcissist” tends to be thrown around quite a bit in American culture. This term has become a popular way to describe someone who is selfish or self-involved. It is important to understand that true narcissism is actually a personality disorder. People living with this personality disorder may have a difficult time maintaining healthy relationships. Individuals who are loved ones of narcissists may be exposed to emotionally abusive behaviors by the narcissist. Therefore, when one is divorcing a true narcissist, it is important to have an empathetic attorney and a strong support system.

Narcissists tend to be very loving and extremely charming at the beginning of relationships. They are prone to invest in grand gestures that can touch the hearts of basically anyone. However, as a relationship progresses, narcissists tend to behave as if they are incapable of wrongdoing, that the other person’s needs and wants do not matter and that conversations are completely one-sided. It can therefore be uniquely challenging to seek a fair divorce settlement when one is divorcing a narcissist.

If your attorney understands that you are divorcing a narcissist, your attorney will be better able to prepare for any property division and child custody disputes which may arise. If you are divorcing a narcissist, your spouse will likely behave as if he or she is entitled to whatever property division settlement and child custody arrangement that he or she desires.

However, the law favors equitable distribution of marital wealth and child custody orders which favor the best interests of the affected child. So, while you may worry when your narcissist spouse digs his or her heels in, you can take some comfort in the knowledge that the law favors fairness.


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